Welcome! It is a fact that consistent excercise and sensible eating habits will enhance our quailty of life. It is vital that we as parents encourage our kid's and set the example. This site has been created to give our community a place to see what opportunites are offered to help us all have a healthier lifestyles! Whether you're interested in a great group style workout with our Bootcamp M.O.M's program, preparing for your first 5K at Gowanda's Crouse 5K Challenge or our Youth Track Club, Blue By U. We all have priorities, make your family's health one of yours.
On Your Marks....
Bootcamp M.O.M's (Mom's on a Mission) It is all about challenging yourself. We work, we sweat and we burn calories like crazy! Make time for yourself Mom's you deserve it!
Blue By U...Gowanda Youth Track Club; teaching our kid's the importance of fitness. Running is a sport you can take with you wherever you go!